Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Love This Game

We played 3 games this week. All of which we won. (yessss!) They were all good games, two of them close in score and with some almost epic battles.

Now, I don't know if its a family thing, or a country girl thing or a Canadian thing, but I really like a physical style of play. If I come home clean, with all my skin and no bruises I feel like I've failed.

As you will see from the following pictures. I did not fail this week.

These legs shots are of a footprint in my leg. There was a play between first and second, the runner was coming, the ball was coming. The runner began his slide and rather than the bag or the ground being the first thing his foot (with all the momentum of a grown man) hit, it was my leg. More specifically, my shin and calf. It was a little hurty.

Then in this morning's first game, I pitched for an inning. There was a rocket hit towards and middle and I caught it. The scorekeeper of the other team asked how I caught it. I told him I've just been playing for a long time. Someone else started calling me El Diablo - but personally I don't think that I am Satan or that he helped me catch it. I do know that my glove has a very little padding left.

I also know that I keep thinking the glasses I'm drinking out of have bumps in them. But it turns out that its my hand that has the bump in it. And I know that I every time I put my foot back on the ground (I've been trying to keep it up) it tingles and hurts like mad. The last thing I know is that it kind of hurts to type.

Good night.

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