Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Unemployed Wonderland

So, I am still what might be termed "under employed" and by under I mean total lack thereof. Now, I can't be too much of a complainer face as I was offered a part part part time job - 5ish hours every two weeks involving teenagers, hot dogs and drunk football fans in east Hamilton - I turned it down in the hopes that well, in hope. I turned it down in hope. Sometimes I confuse hope with trust.

Anyway, I thought I might make a list of some of the things that I have been doing in all of my unemployed magnificence. As you can imagine, someone of my personality is rarely bored, just unmotivated or unstimulated. Grin. I've been a little frustrated that my total lack of income means that now that I have time, I have not the gas money to visit so many people.

I digress - a list of what has been occupying my days as of late:
  • sleeping - sometimes a little more than I think I should, but I'm working on a pretty large deficit still
  • thinking about walking - it gets romanticized while I look out from the balcony, but rarely happens
  • watching Asians hurt themselves - no, not in that row of apartments on the 3rd floor but on youtube
  • acquiring Dreamweaver C3 and teaching myself how to use it
  • praying
  • dancing in my apartment
  • not doing the dishes
  • not cleaning the bathroom or my bedroom
  • painting picture frames
  • drawing/text art
  • harassing people via instant messaging services
  • writing letters
  • tiny tiny bits of pilates/work outs
  • applying for jobs
  • applying for more jobs
  • interviewing for very few jobs
  • sitting around being hopeful
  • sitting around being pessimistic
  • discouraging Bernice from laying on the 2 new eggs she laid - I'll get you Irwin!
  • reading
  • playing ball
  • hanging out with people
  • letting mosquitoes bite my left foot 6 times
  • counting down the days until: Chelsea returns, Amanda returns, baby showers, weddings, teachers stop counting down the days they have left in their school years
  • listening for the ice cream truck, hearing it, deciding if I can actually afford to spend the 2.50$ on a small dipped cone, and then evaluating the amount of time I spent thinking and figuring out if I still have enough time to make it down to the truck before it drives away
  • watching Portuguese television so that I don't have to watch lame soap operas
  • cleaning the pigeon crap off the balcony in slow covert ways
  • thinking about my mom's cooking
  • running off to donate blood
  • writing blogs

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