Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It Has To Do With The Epidemic

Last night I had the hottest date that I've had in some time. The lovely Linda and I went out for a "hey you finally graduated" and a "hey you planned the whole graduation" celebration night of dinner, making fun of Burlington and a movie.

The movie we went to see was Baby Mama. It stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, both of whom I love. Now I wasn't so sure about the movie though. I hadn't heard too much about it and sometimes these SNL flicks turn out to really suck. But I gave it a chance, and oh my, I laughed my stupid face off. Good gravy there were some good parts to it. I would totally watch it again when it comes out on DVD.

Besides all the good comedy stuff, you want to know why I liked the movie? You know how in those crazy, really only comedy movies they have to have a sort of crazy plot. Like something that sorta almost could happen in real life. And they surround it with lots of little things that do happen in real life, because real life is very funny if you step back. Anyway, always in this plot line the action has to fall, the shoe has to drop and something bad has to happen - the tension that the movie has been resting on has to break and ... bwah. I am kind of sensitive and for really real, and often when this tension breaks I have a hard time handling it - it makes my stomach hurt. So there are many times that I don't like watching a comedy more than once because it makes my stomach hurt too much. A lot of Leave It To Beaver episodes are like this more me - I used to sit on the stairs and wait for the tensiony part to be over and then watch the rest of the episode as a kid. But Baby Mama had the tension, broke it and kept moving forward enough that I didn't hurt. I liked that.

Alors, Linda = hot, Baby Mama = very funny.

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