Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So I had the tv on while i was washing dishes and American idol came on. They were doing a Barry Gibb show. Neat.

The first girl up - Melinda chooses the song Inside and Out. They show this little thing with Melinda and Barry discussing the choice and Melinda speaking about how she was wondering about the making of a song that was originally done by a group and the nuances of that. She implied that she was doing something ground breaking.

Cough. Ever heard of Leslie Feist? She's this Canadian singer, popular in Europe and Canada (no accounting for 'other' taste), she also does some work with Broken Social Scene. Well, turns out that Feist does um, pretty much a sensuality inducing version of this song on her album "Let It Die" and its remixed or 'unmixed' by Apostle of Hustle on the album "Open Season".

Sorry Melinda. It was very nice. But I'll choose Feist any day of the week.

(listen to her new album - Feist's not Melinda or Barry's)

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