Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Notorious B.E.V

Today is my Mom's birthday. Not even an April Fool's joke - just look at past April firsts and you'll see...

This is a picture of my Mom.

I chose this picture because I think it shows how she is one of the trees that I as an apple do not fall far from. We're both a little zany.

My Mom is great. She is an artist. She is a respectable artist - I think that because she is always growing as an artist. Some would find their skill and only work on that. But my Mom sees where her weaknesses and takes them on head first. Its really inspiring.

My Mom can also cook like a fox. Anyone who was at my 25th can attest to that. So it is safe to say that she has contributed greatly to my love of food. She has taught me almost everything I know about the preparation of it and given both my brother and I the confidence in the kitchen to succeed and experiment.

So let us raise our glasses (or our bottles of Sambuca - cause thats what she would do) and toast my Mom. To Mom! You're a stand up babe and I love you to bits!

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