Friday, April 20, 2007

Not the Life of Pi But the LIfe of Tea

I made tea before I left the house this morning. Peppermint tea. Yum. I tried to leave the house without the tea and had to go back in and get it. Then I put it on the roof of my car while I put my things in the car. As I was backing out the driveway I wondered what the strange rumbling noise was. It was my tea sliding along the roof of my car. So I stopped the car and got my tea off the roof. I arrived at the school with the thought in my head, "Don't forget the tea Stewart, don't forget the tea (very similar to don't take your guns to town Billy, don't take your guns to town)." I got out of my car and wandered into the school in search of a breakfast platter. While eating the breakfast platter I thought that tea might accompany it nicely. Then I remembered the tea that was sitting in my car. After finishing my breakfast I went out to my car and got the tea. I am now enjoying it in the cafeteria, in the sun, studying and writing. Its still hot. I like tea.

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