Monday, April 26, 2010

You Can't Go Back To Constantinople, Or Work For Lakeport

I'm not an expert on labour relations.  But here is what I think is going down (there is a lot some bias towards the workers):
  • Labatts bought Lakeport a few years ago
  • Labatts called the workers in and told them 3 weeks from now y'all are out of a job, we're closing the plant
  • 143 people lose their jobs
  • Labatts says the plant and its equipment are old and inefficient and it's moving the equipment to other plants
  • Labatts has the lease on the plant until next May and say they are open to someone else taking over the lease as long as it's not another brewer - much like someone holding a lease to a bowling alley, taking the pins and balls out and saying anyone can move in, just as long as you don't try and have a bowling alley going in there
  • 3 different brewers have put in offers and have been rejected by Labbats
I stopped by a wee rally in support of the workers last week.  Here are a few pics...

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