Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Protests and Explosions

Last Friday night was an explosive night of civil unrest.  Of course, by this I mean that there was a busker protest and a fireworks conference demonstration.

It seems some buskers got fined under some sort of panhandling by-law.  Now totally trying to avoid a PR nightmare or artistic riots coincidentally the city of Hamilton started looking at putting a licensing system into place for buskers/street performers.  Alors, the artistic community wished to say "up yours" to "the man" and approximately 40 buskers took to the (James) street (North) on Friday.

Some evidence:

The Canadian Fireworks Association held their annual convention in Hamilton this year.  With the conference came 3 hours of commercial product demonstrations, competition fireworks, and a lovely display of pyrotechnics that one would need a license to purchase.

Some evidence:

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Linda b. said...

We were there. Loving the fireworks, and wondering about the many many buskers on the way there. Until 10:07 p.m. when Avery declared repeatedly that she was done with it all and we packed up.