Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Actually Happened

(I'm standing in my room when my cell phone rings)

Me: (upon recognizing that it is my own house calling) Hey.

Roommate: Hey, are you home?

Me: Yup. I'm in my room.

Roommate: Oh, good. 'Cause we thought you weren't home yet and we knew you didn't have your key and the door is locked.

Me: Nope, I'm here. I'm the one who shut off the downstairs lights and locked the door.

Roommate: (laughs) Ok, we just thought we'd check as we hadn't heard you come in yet.

Me: No problem. Oh, hey, are you done in the bathroom? 'Cause I want to take a shower.

Roommate: (laughs) Yeah, the bathroom is all yours.

Me: Excellent.

Roommate: Ok, well, goodnight.

Me: Goodnight.

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