Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm In Love

This past Christmas I got a brand new electric blanket. But I didn't end up needing it for the winter as the heating in my apartment didn't seem to require it. I believe the scheme for heating the building went something like this: no heat in the day. ALLOFTHEHEATINTHENIGHT!!!!

But fall nights are beginning to creep in one by one, and there isn't a need to start heating the house, but there is a need to start heating me. I get cold. Deep cold. Its a Stew thing.

I have sexy friend who before being married, referred to such blankets as "single girl blankets" because single girls (of the well behaved variety) have no one to keep them warm at night. I fall into that category. And friends can I tell you, that if it is possible to lust about a blanket, then I am lusting over this one.

My favourtite and most lust inducing feature - pre. heat. What? Yeah. Pre-heat. It says right in the manual - no more cold sheets. Wah. Mmm, digital control, colour blue, soft, fuzzy, mmm.

This might be the only good thing about winter.

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