Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Epic Night Of Memorializing and Sausages

Once upon a time I partook in an epic adventure with 3 very brave men. Most of their bravery was shown in the fact that that decided to spend an evening with me.

Phase 1: Felix and Laura go to Hamilton and pick up pizza

Phase 2: Felix, Laura, Dan and John head to Toronto

Phase 3: Felix, Laura, Dan and John watch the Jays

Phase 4: Felix, Dan and John help Laura memorialize her Grandmother

(it reads: RIP Grandma 1919-2008, Jays fan since '77, Yankee hater since 1919)

Phase 5: Felix, Laura, Dan and John eat lots of snacks, including Nana's Own Spicy Snack Mix

Phase 6: In Grandma's honour the Jays beat the Yanks 8-2 and celebratory street meat is procured

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