Monday, February 25, 2008

The Kind Of Bars I Frequent Now

We hit up a couple of buffets whilst on tour - one regular type buffet in Montreal and one Chinese buffet in Barrie (yes, the same one we hit the last time were there, and yes, it was still instant gut rot). Of course I sampled the salad bars at both of these establishments. Let me just say - very disappointing. Is it too much to ask for radishes and hot peppers? And a few sunflower seeds? Dude, those can make or break a salad - even Calvin College has those at its salad bar - and Vicky's Buffet in the cultural city of Montreal doesn't? Sigh. I was glad that John and Kevin where there - they having sampled from the pinnacle of salad bars at the Mercy Centre.

I just had to share that disappointment.

DSB - seriously - if you find a good salad bar, and you take me there, i'm as good as yours!

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