Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Sure It Would Be Unholy

I'm in a hotel in Cornwall right now. Its nice. And we don't have to have wheels rolling until 10am. Mmmmm.

I just wanted to share a little funny thing from yesterday's drive from Hamilton to Cornwall - on a coach bus with 35ish people on it.

So we do a thing where more senior-ish students interview rookie choir members so that the entire choir can get to know them. Its pretty tender and usually very hilarious. It often happens closer to the end of tour because we have the most bus time then. But our biggest chunks of bus time happen to be now, so we're doing them now.

One of the questions asked to the freshmen was: if you could combine any two animals and make a superbeast, what would they be and what would you call it? As you can imagine this got some pretty funny and really strange answers from interviews already revealed. A little later after 5 of the interviews had been read over the bus mic, one of our resident hilarious sopranos, Janine came up and said that she had something really important to say to everyone.

She got on the mic and said that one of the first year sopranos had been further discussing the superbeast question - and they wondered what kind of a superbeast would be made by combining Dr T and myself.


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