Saturday, June 02, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To...No, Wait, Remarkably Easy To Do

So I forgot to update you guys on something. I quit A&W last week Friday. So I'm down to one job. And thats ok.

I quit for a number of reasons. One is that I'm getting enough hours gardening that I'm doing ok. Another was that I just physically couldn't do that many hours on my feet in a day or really the gardening day, a quick turn around and then a fast food shift. It left me no time for me, or really for anything. So upon the sage advice of a trusted friend, I quit.

I thought quitting would be hard and I had about 5000 reasons prepared along with my letter of resignation (A&W requires one week written notice for quitting). I was scheduled to work on Friday night, so I got ready, printed my letter and went. I got there a few minutes early in order to talk to my boss.

He saw my letter, asked me why I was quitting, then read the letter and realized why. And then asked my I hadn't quit be phone. He sent me home as I was still training and they didn't need me and because they hadn't made the schedule for the next week, I didn't have to worry about that either. So instead of working a week of awkwardness, I went home and made super. Yes.

There, now you know. And as G.I Joe says, "knowing is half the battle."

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