Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Little Johnny is playing in Hamilton this Friday, Friday, Friday, June 29th.

The game takes place at 7:30pm at Bernie Arbour Stadium, admission is 5$ or really smooth talking (ask Rob and Gayle about that one).

Celebrities like Dan Postma and Laura Stewart will be there.

Blog stalkers, this a great time for you to tear yourself away from your computers and come mingle with real people. 2nd floor at 777 this applies to you!

Last week's game boasted the tossing of 2 Hamilton managers and one Hamilton pitcher; Kitchener stealing home; a baby in a Red Sox outfit; prizes for the best dancer; a lot of peanuts and a great night of ball!

"So if you're in the area and you must be in the area because this isn't a very powerful radio station, c'mon down to the ball park and bring the kiddies with ya." (4 points if you name the quote)

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