Friday, April 08, 2005

The A-Line and Redemption

Women with hips have recently been ousted from fashion queendom. Hips are a very useful things. They can be used for making the birthing process easier, hip-checking, holding up pants, looking shapely, hula-hoops and many more. Why then are pants being made that don't allow for these meccas of efficiency? Why then are girls who resemble praying mantises being lauded as pinnicles of femininity.

Fortunatly those of us with hips have a saviour: the A-Line. The A-Line is gentle, the A-Line is kind. It is all forgiving and ever complimenting. Below the knee it blesses. Above the knee it caresses. The A-Line dress and the A-Line skirt have long been the salvation and kinsman redeemer of hippy girls world wide.

Lets take a minute and give thanks....

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