Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I did a multiple intelligences test last night. I thought I knew myself pretty well, but I was surprised at the results. "The Multiple Intelligences concepts and VAK (or VARK or VACT) learning styles models offer relatively simple and accessible methods to understand and explain people's preferred ways to learn and develop."

My highest intelligence was musical: "awareness, appreciation and use of sound; recognition of tonal and rhythmic patterns, understands relationship between sound and feeling"

Second highest - interpersonal: "ability to relate to others; interpretation of behaviour and communications; understands the relationships between people and their situations, including other people"

Third: - linguistic: "written and spoken; retention, interpretation and explanation of ideas and information via language, understands relationship between communication and meaning"

I think the biggest light bulb moment for me after seeing my results was a career suggestion from a friend. He told me it would the perfect job for me - singing and spending time with people in hospice situations. It fits my top three intelligences. Me thinks I should look into it.

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