Friday, May 08, 2009

The World Would Be A Better Place

There are many things that I covet - or maybe its not that I covet them, because I don't necessarily know people or places that have them. I think it might be that I'm greedy and have a sense of self entitlement - yup, that's it.

I think this post might start a series about things I think I should own, and I think the world would be a better place if I owned them. Sometimes the universe should just pony up and get me these tools to fantasticness. In the meantime I'll just keep pining (no fjords).

Today's thing 'o necessity is this:

If you guessed that it is a 1 1/2" Button Maker Machine with Graphic Punch and 250 Button Parts from you'd be right! Good for you! Let's talk a little more about this exciting collection of bits shall we?

This combo contains:
  • the Button Maker Model #150, which produces standard 1-1/2" buttons, it can make a magnet, bull dog clip or key chain simply by assembling a button without a pin and adding the neccesary accessories
  • 1 1/2" Graphic Punch (aka the guy who cuts out the circles for you)
  • 250 pinback button sets
Can we just sit for a minute and dream about the fun buttons I could be making - oh man... the hilarity, the communication, the wonderment. I can scarcely believe that there are only 357 U.S. dollars (plus shipping and handling) standing between me and some awesome pieces of metal that would aid me in making some rad, rad, world bettering buttons.

How can the universe be so cruel as to not have provided me with one thus far. Sigh... someday.

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