Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Despising

It is not really a hidden fact that I really despise doing dishes. The other day in the act of doing said despised activity I came to a few conclusions on why there is so much despising.

  1. "Old" food - I'm a finicky princess and I don't like dealing/touching with food that has been all mucked up, may have been in or near someone else's mouth and I especially don't like touching it after it's been in the sink for 10 minutes and has become soggy "old" food.
  2. Back pain - there are few sinks that are at just the right height and closeness to the counter that don't cause me to bend and begin to ache as begin to wash the plates.
  3. Excema - I have excema on my hands, it is worsened by exposure to moisture. A sink full of dishes in water is quite moist. I love itchy, red hands that have a rash on the palms and fingers. It is my favourite.
It made sense to my itchy hands, sore back and alerted gag reflex that dishes might not be their best friend.

So there, that that dishes!

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