Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bored? Have Children? In London On Friday?

If you answered yes to any of these three things then do I have an idea for you!

Friday night is a cozy winter night in London. If you are familiar with Victoria Park you'll also be familiar with its acres of trees and beauty. It is a great piece of green space in the heart of the city. Every year the city lights the park up in a really magnificent way. The official first lighting of the park happens to be Friday. I'm told thousands of people come out for this. I suggest you be one of them - 6:15pm.

Once the lights are on, you wander around and gaze at all the different displays, you grab a hot chocolate somewhere. Don't go too far though. 'Cause at 7:30 at Centennial Hall the Christmas Celebration is starting!

This is a very family friendly concert - so family friendly in fact that the children of the audience get to come up on stage at one point (in 2 different age groups) and sing for everyone. The concert features works with Chorus London (that's the one I'm in), St. Mary Choir School (some of whom sang with us in Carmina and Voices - they are also joining with us on a couple pieces), the Forest City Violins (which from the descriptions I've heard, sound reminiscent of the Blazing Fiddles), and a percussion trio.

The evening at Centennial Hall is hosted by Peter Garland - and I asked if that was his real name or if it was a character like umm, Frank Nomatcheskids from the fire department presentation squad. I was told that Peter Garland is a real person. There is a reception after that is sponsored by McDonalds - I'm anticipating hot chocolate, orange drink and pickles. But I could be wrong.

So it sounds like a pretty nice evening - with or without kids I think you could have a good time. If Peter Garland and our music extravaganza isn't really for you, I do know that A Christmas Carol is opening at the Grand theatre that night too.

Pretty much if you are in London this Friday night and you stay home all night, you're a chump.

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