Monday, November 17, 2008

Because I Didn't Do The Dishes

For two entire school years, every supper (except both Aprils) before Church in the Box I ate supper with the same chore group of women. Now I can't just say that I ate with them, I need to say that I ate food that was generously supplied and prepared by them. It was a really good deal.

Here's how it would go:
  • Laura comes in for CITB and is a big stress bag because there were always insane things going wrong
  • Laura quickly loses years off her life
  • around 5 or 5:30 things would calm down enough that Laura could escape
  • Laura escapes to the dorm of said lovely women and
  1. freaks out
  2. tries to sleep
  3. takes something for her headache
  4. remembers that she doesn't have any pre-service music to play
  5. gets her pre-service 'staff' devotion together
  6. makes lots of terrible jokes
  7. makes Natalie laugh until she is pretty much hyperventilating
  8. eats
  9. realizes the time, freaks out and leaves in a very big hurry for the school
So basically that's how things went. It was a pretty involved process. Now the reason I am writing this post is to give shout out to Steph. Steph is the unofficial mother among this women, not because she's older or has actual children of her own, but because she is responsible and has some great maternal instincts. She was the one that ensured food would be ready and usually that it was food that I love.

Last night we had a little reunion of these ladies at the dorm that Steph is now a Residence Advisor for (aka she is one step closer to being a real Mom) and once again her matronly field general skills delivered a great time of eating and socializing.

Go Steph.

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