Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good Try Though

Redeemer is the land of self improvement. And this extends to the building itself. There are constantly little things being made better - dorm windows, paving things, etc. Currently there are some renovations being done in the center foyer/A stairs/stairs area. The area known as 'the couches' was recarpeted and the carpet at the bottom of the stairs has been turned to tile to match the tile on the floor. There are also new couches and chairs (though I'm still not sure what was wrong with the old ones as they were only a couple years old, but the new stuff does look very nice and is veeeerry cushy and comfy... anyway).

Nearing the completion of this renovation everyone was sent an email from campus services outlining what had been changed. Apparently this also included the name of the area. This area is supposed to be called "The Commons" now and even in the email it said The Commons (formerly known as the Center Foyer). I'm not gonna lie, this got me a little riled up. Why does campus services get to rename part of the school? And why The Commons. While sitting at The Couches this week, I discussed this and people said they'd be willing to start calling it The Commons if things (aka food) were actually sold in The Commons area (Mac's food court has Commons in its name). Perhaps it was also decided that The Commons sounds like a kissing disease - "Oh man I've got The Commons!" "You were kissing Klaas again weren't you?" "Yeah, its true. Just don't tell my parents I got The Commons". There would also be a willingness to call it The Commons if there were some end tables to set things on in The Couch area (currently there is just the arms of the leather furniture - ok, if thats where you want us to rest our drinks). Possibly also the idea of having a mini-tramp built into the floor at one point and the accompanying St. John's ambulance booth.

I also decided I would be willing to start calling it The Commons, if I was able to rename other parts of the building. Example - Rename the main office, Fred. "Well, if you go down to Fred and talk to Jane she should be able to help you." Or, "Cheques can be dropped off to Zach Pillings in Fred."

Likely though, this attempt at a name change will fall to the dust like the well intentioned naming of the 3 parking lots - Luther, Calvin and Cranmer Courts will forever be known as First, Second and Third Parking Lots.

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