Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Lines Between Danger, Bravery and Stupidity

Apparently its bee season. I didn't know. I probably should know. But I don't.

Apparently there are more bees on the 10 acres I'm working on this year than the 50 city blocks I was working last summer. And by working I mean of course....gardening.

I had Sarah's camera with me and while I was mulching the other day, and I decided to take a picture of all the above ground bees* (*a loose term for anything bee-like or that seems like it could be more than averagely harmful to me) that I would pass with my wheelbarrow going to and from the garden I was mulching.

Here are the results:


Rock garden

Rock garden

Rock garden

North East corner of the barn

There are also 5 underground Park N Flys that I know about too. Those are the ones that almost get me into trouble. I usually don't know they are there until the bees start flying into my head as I am sitting/kneeling/standing/existing directly in their flight path.

Thus far no stinging and I'm not forced to work directly in danger. Which is nice. I like that.

Oh bees.

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