Sunday, July 03, 2005


So guess what? Yesterday Tim and Marleah got married. It was pretty. I got a v-necked sun burn.

The ceremony took place on the meticulously groomed grounds of the Moelker home just outside of Chatham. The weather was sunny and beautiful. The bride's maids where wearing two piece burgundy dresses with halter style tops and floor length skirts. The groom's men where wearing black suits with silver vests and ties, with the groom wearing the same thing. The bride was wearing a beautiful white dress adorned with flower bead work and held up with elegant spaghetti cris cross straps. There was beautiful music provided by a local artist/friend of the family.

The reception was held at the Kent Belgian Dutch Canadian Club, which was decorated in a very festive manner. The guest feasted on chicken, beef, vegetables, two kinds of potatoes, rolls, salads and tasty desserts. There was a brief program containing the usual touching speeches, a powerpoint presentation and some music. Then the dance and cake cutting followed

A good time was had by all.

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