Saturday, October 02, 2010

Medical Dramas

Over the summer and early this fall I've watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy and House.  I really like these medical dramas, a lot of people do.  I was trying to remember if there were any Canadian medical dramas on when ER became popular.  There may have been and obviously they were so fantastic that I can't remember them.  So I wondered about a couple of new Canadian medical dramas...

CDD - Canadian Diagnostics Division - Basically a copy of House, but with two significant differences. 1) Canadian health insurance - so there is less drama about how to pay for blood tests and tonsillectomies. 2) Wait times - "Get him a cdc, ldh, pcp, and a ct scan."  "Ok doctor.  I'll have the results to you in 6-8 months."

Spiritual Services Squad - Highly dramatic writing with emergency prayers, conversions, religious conflict, personal faith crises, love affairs, cranky director, differences in ideologies and philosophies, races to give the last rights, existential battles over the existence of higher beings, so many possibilities!


jonathan H said...

don't forget CSI-like forensics using systematic theology

Ben said...

Yeah, the possibilities really are endless. I'll forward anything that comes to me to you.