Friday, December 14, 2007


Sometimes you get up real early to finish your last piece of school work, so that it can be out of the way, so that you can study for your last exam. Sometimes you get up real early to read about how there is a winter storm watch for your area and how at the precise time you want to leave the area to go home for Christmas because you are done school for the semester - there is supposed to be 25cm of snow coming down and travel is not recommended. 'Cause I don't want to stay longer. I want to finish that exam, get in my car, drive to Richmond Hill, drop things off and then get my bad self to Brighton. I have been holding on for that plan. In my head there is no plan for, "stay put and leave on Sunday when things are better". I'm operating on a distinct action/reward system here - write another paragraph, get a piece of licorice; finish your semester, get your ass home.

Winter, if you wreck one more thing, oh son, we are going to have words.

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